Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Today had a great and wild game against 1752. The first rated game from the new season. I more or less forced him to sacrifice a bishop. Then I could force the exchange of queens by a pretty complicated tactic. Then he missed a knightfork which gave me back all my pawns. Being a piece up it was a matter of technique. I forced myself to move in time. You can find the game here.


  1. Good game.

    Was he in time trouble? Hard to believe a 1700+ would walk into that fork.

  2. Jim,
    he wasn't in time trouble. But he relaxed after a tremendous effort. (He had to prove his sac was justified.) That's the moment one is vulnarable.

  3. good job spotting the Rxd8 tactic...

    instead of e6 black should have played e5 with *lots* of pressure on the d-file! maybe even winning (!?)

    Ng5! is the refutation of the bishop sac. that won you the game, i think.

    and that looked like a pretty smooth conversion of the win. i like the comment "He is hoping to inflict a K+B+N vs K endgame in time trouble for me. Too bad for him I exercised this a few weeks ago." hehe

    this game was pretty onesided- you played very well. :)

  4. Patrick,
    if black plays e5 in stead of e6, the position is very hard to assess. It's for sure not a position in which I would trust computer analysis blindfolded. Once the 5th rank is blocked it is impossible for the black queen to transfer to the kingside. The white pieces aren't particular well placed to hunt for the trapped queen yet, but things might change fast with a few sacrifices on the queen side. An attack against the black queen would accelarate the attack against the black king. I have been before in this kind of position myself as black and for sure I understand why he was hesitant to block the 5th rank!

  5. Interesting game, and that fork seems like a CTS problem.