Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Time for champagne

After taking a deep breath I finished strategic module 1 today.

I have not quite decided what book I'm going to study after Seirawan's Winning chess strategies, but the longlist has already become a shortlist. I could lay my hands on "My best games" by Karpov. Hattip to Fierabras (and Ivan)

Karpov - My best games
Capablanca - Chess fundamentals
Kasparov - My great predecessors I (about Capablanca)
Kasparov - My great predecessors 3 (about Petrosian)


  1. i vote karpov by karpov!!!!!!!!

    i've seen that book- the annotations do not look too dense or advanced.

  2. Hi there!

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    /Chris aka Samuraipawn

  3. Tempo,

    This comment is inspired by your comments at J'adoube's blog, but not really related to his post, so I'm putting it here.

    I completely agree with you how annoying it is that someone will say, after losing a game, how at some particular move they "should have" won. That's why every move of the game counts! And no help finding the right one from your digital friends.

    I have a similar experience because I generally have very little knowledge of opening theory. There is a guy who lives in my area who seems to know all the moves of every opening. Against anybody I don't typically get an advantage from the opening and against this guy I always seem to be a little behind. But nevertheless I beat him consistently because I am better in the middlegame and endgame. Everytime I win I have to hear him complain about how he should have won because he had an advantage, blah blah.

    Well, I am just ranting, but your comments about people who tell you they were winning on a particular move reminded me of it, so you are the lucky one that gets to hear the rant. :-)

  4. It's always better to rant in someone elses blog. That's why I took J'adoube's:)

  5. Fewer than 500 problems away from 70,000 at CTS, and you quit to do something else.

    I can't believe you are married!

  6. Blue,
    Margriet isn't any different:)
    The 70,000 will be finished in due time. Of course. It's only 2 days work and I have to warm up for Corus anyway. I plan to use CTS for that, so the end will come for sure!

    What you don't seem to realize is that you are the first one to blame for the change of my focus. By asking questions about my use of time during a game, the unability to play simple positional moves at a quick pace was revealed to me. I thank you for that. But you have to bear the consequences:)

    PCT seems the way to solve this problem, and a renewed interest in positional play has emerged.

    I go where the logic leads me.

  7. I admire your flexability and willingness to adapt your training to your needs. It seems to have helped you a lot!