Saturday, November 11, 2006


I hate to play against those 13 y.o wonderboys!
He played the French. Why do those boys always play the French?
I played the Alapin Diemer gambit. After ill-treating the opening in a terrible way I gave him the chance to trade off a lot of pieces and I was left a pawn down. Mentally I already had agreed to trade the rooks and the queens further in an attempt to hold the draw in an endgame with bishops of different color. At move 14 I had no idea how strong he actually was because I had done all the (miserable) work by myself.

Then you feel punished! I mean, I'm overhauling already my repertoire to make it more solid, but I can't do everything at the same time and now this!
I remembered the style of Capablanca and I started to squeeze him out. I even resisted a schwindle which would have given him a chance to penetrate at my side of the board. I forced his pieces to the back two ranks. And indeed, the tactical opportunities came all by themself! Just by diminishing the territory of your opponent. I won his queen for a rook. Then I had a double attack against his king and unprotected rook. Then I had again a double attack and fetched his other rook. Why do coaches always forget to learn their pupils to resign?
I had to mate him.
Man, I hate those games against kids!


  1. It's those chess books that advises "always play till the very end because you will always learn something." What do these kids learn by playing a Q and 2 R's down?

  2. Heh!
    I don't mind when kids play to mate, it's the grown-ups that annoy me. :)

  3. hello tempo. im back. im playing chess every single day, sometimes six or seven games 3/8, and 2/12...

    ive not been to chessEmr but did get a few sweet comments from cDog at my blog, so first shut it down to unregist users, then virtually everyone.

    pretty intense on CT-Art, so now im switching to OBP or intern play... after maybe 26,000 tactics.

    lots of endings, too.

    i have not visited a single blog for weeks, but stopped here first. quite wonderfull when so much great exposition is fresh to the eyes, weeks of it. bravo.

    if cDog doesnt read this, then maybe i wont be attacked today for lord knows what!

    i asked yasser if i could see him in nov as discussed, and pick him up at his Dads, upon return to the usa for a bit? he cannot. he simply will be with kramnik and fritz ten, so not a bad reason to be declined! himmmmm.

    my chess energy is great, and i fight every day. i will probably play 1,000 games then do a bunch of ending and tactical study after, once ive gotten many standard games to hibernate into.

    warmest regards, dk

  4. I do not hate to attack a French anymore. I used to play gambits, too (Reti-Spielmann or how they call it), but with little success. Now I prefer to play it positionally with two draws so far despite serious strategic blunders. I think the strategy against a closed center with an advanced kingside pawn makes a kingside assault quite easy if Black misses to destroy the center. See my last post on a French game.

    BTW I always have to enter the verification code twice, maybe a bug in the beta version? Can you report that to the Blogger staff?

  5. Mouse,
    I reported the problem. Thx for telling me.

  6. Look on the bright side. Without this experience, you would not of had a reason to post such a humorous picture thus =-E .

  7. Aww, you didnt publish the game.. Your fans wanna see the game at!

  8. Patrick,
    actually I was trying to forget the game. But since I made use of some new acquired knowledge thanks to Capablanca I will publish it.

  9. Trasform,
    welcome back! Learn to ignore the trolls of these world.