Saturday, November 18, 2006

Change of style

Since I'm in the middle of learning a new approach to chess it's evident I have to play more. Next saturday I wil play in a rapid tournament. I'm thinking about correspondence chess. Anyone an idea what are good sites?


  1. Hi,

    my favorite is

    Chessworld for correspondence chess.


  2. What are the rules with correspondence? People are not allowed to use computers?

    Do you have the patience for corresp games? Unfortunately I don't, yet.

  3. I play at ChessWorld, RedHotPawn and Chesshere.

    All of them allow you to play without having to pay although the fees are very reasonable.

    If you do decide to sign up at Chessworld, indicate that I recommended you ad I can get 2 free months! [grin]

  4. Blue,
    I saw that you have to agree to not use computers. I'm not bothered if they do since if they do it well, they will soon have a rating higher than me so I can avoid them. I will play it for study reasons, not for the competitional element.

    It's not a matter of patience. My goal is to learn to develop strategical plans based on pawn structures and so on. That means that I have to take a lot of time for a move. If you get impatient, it's just a matter of firing up more games at the same time.

  5., is there any blog or experts talking about chess programming? i want learn it

  6. Satyajit,

    There are some resources on the internet about chess programming, but it's quite scattered and there are key ideas missing.

    I have written a chess engine recently (admittedly, it's no great player, but it plays!). I am still working on some improvements. You can drop me a line at my blog if you want to get in touch.

  7. i really like for correspondence games. i think if you mention me as a referrer i get a month free or something... :)

  8. Satyajit,
    is the only site I know of.

  9. I really like FICGS, but be aware that they explicitly allow computer use.

  10. Tempo,
    In my opinion, this is the most serious correspondence site. It is the official (web interface) from IECG.

    Notice that almost site allow the use of databases, often used for opening learning.

    This site replaced the old

    Best regards,