Monday, November 20, 2006

Old habits never die

I fired up a few studygames at RedHotPawn. Boy, that's a fun way of playing chess! It is really a relaxed idea to have 3 days for one move. I'm trying to play in Capablanca style. Capablanca wasn't known for his great opening knowledge, but he used to play simple and healthy opening moves. I'm struggling with old habits in trying to do the same. In one of my games I allready play one of my pet gambit lines in stead of inflicting my opponent with a double pawn. It is difficult to keep an helicopterview and not to get lost in interesting complex variants.


  1. What about us anonymous stalkers?We'd enjoy stalking on RHP too.

  2. NN,
    lol, there are two posibilities: either you be smart and find out my handle at RHP yourself (which shouldn't be too difficult) or you reveal yourself and I will think about it to e-mail it to you (disclaimer: no guarantee)

    Remember: the enemy is listening too!:)