Sunday, November 12, 2006


Actually I wanted to forget about my last game. But there is a very interesting moment in the game. After terrible opening play I entered the middlegame with a pawn down.
I have played thru a lot of games of Capablanca lately. He is a space addict. He acquires as much space as possible with every move. Until tactical posibilities seem to appear out of the blue.
I was probably lost before move 18. But at move 18 I started to ape the style of Capablanca. My opponent had clearly no idea what I was doing. It's remarkable how much space I gained within only 3 moves. The character of the game changed totally within these 3 moves. It looked like magic!
You can find the game here.


  1. Tempo,

    Your skill seems to be changing more and more. It is amazing when you compare your posts then, i.e. circa 2004, to your posts now.

    Maybe you should put your name now on the graduate lists?

  2. Hi Nezha,
    how is life?
    I measure my results,not my efforts.
    I graduate when my rating passes 1828.

  3. You were lucky... he had a big advantage after 12.

  4. King,
    that's true. And it wasn't because he played so well.

  5. Nice game and an interesting gambit. I had never seen it . I will have to find some sample games on I have Capa fundamentals books as well. Do they have a games section or does your edition have the games as part of each lesson?

  6. Tak,
    there are games in diverse chapters and there is a games section at the end. With revealing commentary of the master himself.

    I'm rather succesfull with the gambit. But you have to look what black is doing in the mean time of course. Probably kingside castling at an earlier stage was better in this case.

  7. great post. you just reminded me to reread Capa games. have not go through those in more than a decade!

  8. I got a chance to play this gambit yesterday. very nice. Do you play this against the Caro-Kahn as well?

  9. Tak,
    I tried it, but that's not good since the black bishop from c8 is outside the chain, in contrast with the French where black plays e6. I have developed a few gambits of my own against the Caro Kann though. You can find them here: