Thursday, December 28, 2006

Another angle of attack

I have tried to find an algorithm for piece activity, inspired by the simple algorithm for piece mobility. As Mousetrapper already suspected, that is a dead end.

Well, you can't find your way in a maze without entering a dead end every now and then.
So I'm trying another approach.
I work my way thru Bent Larsen "Good moves guide", which has 48 positional problems, with a heavily annotated solution.
I will try to find a correlation to certain characteristics of the position and the plans that are based upon them.
I start with simple standard plans like "trade off a passive piece against an active one", "improve the position of your worst piece", "open the position" and the like. Let's see what is on that road.


  1. I'm very curious to know the result of this search for piece activity!
    By the way, I consider that book a very, very good one.

  2. I have a question. I was wondering your thoughts (after finishing) "How to reassess your chess". What do you think of the book? If you use his approach, does it give you a better systematic approach to plan moves in materially even, non-tactical positions?

  3. Please forgive me, but I can't help feeling that your goal is to take the mystery out of chess- which is the
    main reason I enjoy the game!

    Perhaps I am wrong and have misunderstood your quest.

  4. King,
    I'm still busy with the book. It is not "his approach" what helps me, but it helps me to build my own approach. If you have the choice, to start with Seirawans Winning Chess Strategies is probably better. But even then you have to create your own approach.

  5. Funky,
    can I expect to win if chess stays a mystery to me?
    I must demystefy chess so much that my moves are logical for me but mysterious for my opponent. Even if I manage to do so, how much of the total chess mystery will I have demystefied? 5%? 10%?
    My latest insights make me to enjoy the game even more.

  6. Tempo, your approach looks reasonable to me. Only with opening the position you must be more precise: Open it if you are ahead in development, keep it closed if you are behind.