Saturday, December 02, 2006

Carried away

I'm a bit carried away by playing correspondence chess lately. It's really an ideal method to improve on openings, plan development and endgames! I'm playing 15 games at the same time right now. I have to build up some rating first. That makes it easier to get stiffer competition.


  1. 15 games... And you call that carried away? How about playing at 15 different servers with say, 10 games each at the same time.

  2. Haha. Nice picture. Do you know the opening called «the vulture»? Use some more games to try it!

  3. there's people with 400+ concurrent games on rhp. :) I try to limit myself to around 20, but even that does hit your strength...

    a word of warning: everybody takes too much games on rhp in the beginning. at first it feels like nothing, but then you start to realize the amount of work people put on one single move. then you start using days or weeks for one position yourself, and suddenly you're swamped and burn out.

    and the losses, oh they hurt so bad when you've used months on a game!

    and anything faster than 7 days a move is blitz!

  4. Edwin,
    since it was the ONLY chess study I did lately I call it carried away. To use 15-30 minutes per move is not uncommon, so 15 games can absorb some substancial time.

  5. Mouse,
    I have never heard of it. What are the first moves?

  6. Worm,
    I use it for study reasons. More games would mean that I have to move on autopilot. That's of no use since I wouldn't learn anything from it. I play games with 3 days per move, but move most of the time within 1 day.

  7. It is a Benoni line: 1.d4 c5 2. d5 Nf6 3.c4 Ne4. This is the «vulture» circling over the white position, violating the «move every piece once» rule. White must try to show he is not dead, so the vulture will starve. I think White has good play if he finds the right moves.