Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bowing out

Live is calling with some pressure. Nothing serious, but it is time for other things. It was great fun to study, it was great fun to blog. Of course I continue to play chess. Good luck to all, it was a great honour to have you as my friends. See ya at Corus.


  1. This is.. unexpected..

    Gdluck. but go back again to bloggin ok. Your theories are.. .. "interesting"

  2. Take care, Tempo. Good luck managing whatever it is that has loomed.

    Over/under on when tempo makes his next post: 10 days.

    Place your bets here.

    I pick under.

  3. Tempo,
    Look forward to seeing you back here soon.

    I'll take that bet. I pick over.

  4. Tempo,

    Good Luck. All over the world we enjoy your posts. Do you have any idea about your contribution to chess improvement ?

    Sebastian (from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  5. Take care! You have definitely been a contribution to the chess blogging community.

  6. I can understand this decision.

    Great job on the blog. It is a brave choice to quit a blog that is so popular and successful (and to decline all the global attention/popularity that goes with it).

    I wish you balance in life-- of which chess is just a tiny slice. May your family and friends enjoy the extra time you now have away from the blog!!!! Take care brutha.

  7. there are many callings besides chess and blogging, and not only family, but our bodies, our jobs, our best friends, our communities, other passions.

    i know you will be back, but trust you know what is right for you. you have given greatly, and set a high standard of frequency, intensity, passion, self criticism, and, at times, necessary humor.


  8. Tempo,

    You strike me as a person who does nothing "halfway".You are either all in or all out on a project.
    Good Luck with what you are focusing on.

  9. I'll miss your posts, friend. Take care. Your decision comes without a warning, so I really, really hope that there is «nothing serious». You were the soul of the Knights Errant. Will there be anyone to take it over?

  10. we'll be here when you come back. and on rhp, fics, playchess, icc...

  11. Ok BDK,

    next post, over 10 days within 6 months. He needs a summer brake.

    Take care, Tempo and thanx for the ride

  12. Huzzah! good knight. Ride free! We'll keep your watch.

  13. I'll miss your always interesting insights. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

  14. I will miss your presense. I have learned a lot from you. Yours was one of the few blogs that I read every post. I hope you come back when you get more time. Thank you for leading the knights, surely an unappreciated task. Would you help us find a new leader before you leave? I recommend Tak, Novice or J'Adoube. I hope to see you at Corus one day. I always wanted to visit your country and since reading your blog would like to play at Corus. It is quite a journey for me though. Take care and thanks again.

  15. Yay for BDK!