Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Going around in spirals

The post I intented to write today has such similarity with a post of 10 months ago, that I decided to refer to that old post.
The problems I faced by then are the same as the problems I face today. From a certain cynical point of few it looks as if I'm just running around in circles. But I'm not quite the same now as I was then. So I see it as a spiral in stead of a circle. The fact that I'm at the same point as 10 months ago means that this is a very import point.

I read my old posts from the past 10 months. Boy, can I rant!
A summary of what I accomplished in that period:
  • Adoption of a positional style of play.
  • Definition of the mother of all positional play: piece activity!
  • Experiments with positional openings and cc.
  • Timetrouble solved for 80%.
  • Adoption of the GPA with considerable succes.
Now I have come to the same point as 10 months ago, I'm going to take my time to try and penetrate deeper in the problem at hand. Basically this is the point: when I try to solve a complex problem from Polgars middlegame brick, I wander around in a clueless state for 20 minutes or so. I recognize 2 of the 4 main tactical idea's that are essential to the position at once, but then my only system is trial and error in the hope to get a clue about the next 2 main idea's. Once the other 2 main idea's are found, the calculation starts. The calculation and visualisation doesn't seem to be the problem allthough it is difficult and error prone.

The problem is the phase of trial and error, the clueless state, looking for the remaining essential idea's I missed. When your unconscious chessmodule doesn't release those missing essential idea's how do you trigger that release? Because the patterns are already there. When you find them, the idea's are always welknown. But trial and error is an extreme slow method to find those idea's.

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