Saturday, May 26, 2007

The lazy way

Right now I'm testing the hypothesis that I can skip the tiring process of trial and error (after what pops up immediately) and go direct to the solution and try to understand and learn that.


  1. Hi Tempo,
    This is an interesting topic. My next entry on my blog I will give you my thoughts.

  2. sometimes we dont need a plan, but less plans. sometimes we dont need more tactics, but sitting quietly. sometimes we dont need more training, but more rest. sometimes we need massive effort, for months, like a crazy person, day after day. there is no panacea.

    this is exactly what i wrote you at my big post, from the 7th of October, 2006:

    "Saying What is NOT being said: simple, middle, or complex":

    in architecture, there is a saying by German Architect, Mies Van Der Rohe, "Less is more". Sometimes, more is more, or less is less. but the more programs we have, the less focus we have.

    i am trying to do less programs, but, whatever i do, i do 100%. then i shift after to other parts of chess study.

    warmly, dk

  3. i do that...i like to think i am learning the correct way from the start...