Thursday, May 17, 2007

Reworking my idea's

If I rework my idea's with help from Blue Devil and from Baars, I get the following:

Step 1 Creation of a chessmodule in your brain.
When you play a game of chess in a conscious way, a "chessmodule" forms itself in an unconscious way in your brains. However the creation of the chessmodule in itself happens unattended, it is triggered by the conscious process of playing.

Step 2 Play with the help of your chessmodule.
When you play a game in a conscious way, you get help from your chessmodule in an unconscious way. In the chessmodule the birth of thoughts and idea's takes place in an unattended way. When the thoughts have a certain form, they are transferred to the conscious part of the mind. In the conscious part of the brain you can investigate the thoughts and decide whether to use it or not. In this way the flaws of your chessmodule show up in your moves.

Step 3 Feedback.
The suboptimal moves and errors that originate in your chessmodule and that manifest themselves in your play have to be identified and corrected. When that happens in a conscious way, your chessmodule corrects itself according to step 1.

This story suggests that the best way to improve is to study your own games. What is the best way to identify the flaws in your moves and to correct them? It seems logical that the best way is to pay a coach to do this dirty work for you. As Blue Devil pointed out.

In a next post I will try to compare the different methods of improvement that are tried by the various Knights with the method as described above.

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  1. Wow, you are fast. Baars is not exactly light reading for most people!

    Looking forward to see where you go with all this.