Wednesday, May 23, 2007

When the chessmodule remains silent.

Today I tried to solve a problem from Polgars middlegame brick.
In the first 2 minutes I recognized 2 important tactical motifs that probably would play a role. After that I tried and erred for half an hour. But my unconscious chessmodule wasn't triggered to release other relevant motifs, so I couldn't solve it.

So I looked for the solution. But when I played thru the solution, nothing happened. That is to say, I didn't recognize it as the solution. Isn't that strange? If the final pattern is stored in my unconscious chessmodule then usually I get an "aha-experience". But if it is not stored there nothing happens! No emotion, no recognition, nothing.

In fact this happens quite often. Since I always thought it wasn't important, I paid no attention to it. But now I'm investigating what happens in the "clueless zone" it bubbles to the surface.

I put the position into Arena and played with it for an hour. And only after an hour I started to appreciate the solution as the solution.


  1. In blogging, the peanut gallery is the module. Sometimes we are silent too I guess.

  2. I'm used to the lonely feeling to rebuild the universe on my own:)

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