Friday, June 22, 2007

DK Transformation.

In order to see a sequential series of weathersatellite-images I removed lately the animation blocker that images prevent from moving, flashing etc.. All of a sudden the image of Blue Devil started to rotate again at his blog. Which reminded me that he found blogging a quite self-indulgent occupation. However I don't feel it the same way, sometimes I'm worried indeed when I count how ofen I use the word "I" in my posts. So when DK Transformation wrote a flattering post about me my first reaction was to write a post back without using the word "I" in order to do some penance for my vanity. But to my shame I soon realized that that would be impossible to me. So here it is, a post about DK, with my favorite blogger - as DG would put it -, me, included.

The most eye catching of DK is, is that he is a warm person. Most people who are used to look in their own minds instead of looking around them, with me as an exponent, experience a lot of coldness in their own thinking. Then it is a relieve to meet a warm person. It is evident that he values his feelings higher than his thoughts, and I suggest the reader kindly to follow him in that.
With his sensitivity he stands closer to the deities, who by their nature use very volatile and highly powerful energies to communicate. No wonder he has no time for capitals or correct punctuation when he translates their musings for us mere mortal souls! And of course he cannot allow his mind to filter anything they say.
He feels much compassion for me who is imprisoned in his own mind, worshipping the inner god called "logic". He kindly tries to wake me up with "that what isn't said". However I feel he's right, I cannot, no matter how much I try.

His compassion stretches even to what I would call inveterate persons. But miracles do happen and Chessdog seems to have really changed lately.

Although we differ vastly in psychological type we do have a few important things in common indeed as he righteous feels. First we both are prepared to follow consequences till the end. He from what he feels, I from what I think. Secondly we both are greatly influenced by Gurdjieff and Ouspensky and have undergone "inner work". Thirdly we both have something of a child left in ourselves.

And further we both love chess.
However not everything has been said, I'm sure he will understand.


  1. this is a most wonderful gift that you give,

    and after the necessarily resolute sitting in my chair in a few minutes at total focus at CTS

    perhaps best of all, what you write lends me another octave in even higher energy to write the post on wormwood cooking in my brain for an entire week,

    and since we know far less about him than blue, or you, or me, presents its own unique challenges in the interest in total fairness, but of course similarly great opportunities. he is one tough customer, that is for sure.

    'i', I am very touched by all that you write. it is very accurate in its inner understanding, and, to have perception that comes from we know not where--but is real--involves responsAbility and respect, in administering 'conscious shocks' for the better of all. i get those shocks all the time, and give them too. the spiritual traditions i studied were and are brutal in removing the mask, and exposing us.

    i do believe in 'remote infuence' and use this all the time, and go and do as creation tells me, and listen as best as i can.

    i am very proud to know you. and we are all the better because of you, your efforts, example, and, yes, at times failings as i stumble in kind, as a mere human moral in flesh.

    warmly, dk