Thursday, June 14, 2007

Muddling thru

I'm still drudging in the mist with the same position. 5 days for 1 position is not exactly blitz, but I just saw the outlines of Monroi so this must be another limbo.


  1. One thing is for sure: I'd like to see the poor sucker who lands in that position in a game against you.

  2. thank you for what is, ultimately, the link to chess goddess. wow.

    be prepared--my next big blog post starts with you, with fifteen essays planned, one per day for two weeks. himmm?

    kant and the Upanishads rules!

    warmly, dk

  3. "I'd like to see the poor sucker who lands in that position in a game against you."

    I pity the fool. Going through daily puzzles and endings very slowly, I see simple positions contain a wealth of depth that most overlook.

    Like your K&P vs K&P articles. And this position. Great effort!

  4. After 6 days I still discover important idea's that I missed. The question why you actually sac a bishop isn't so easy to answer for instance. And in this position you can come up with a definite conclusion, so that is relative "easy". I'm still not confident that I grasp everything that's going on.

  5. I like also 1. Nd5 as the first move and forces a queen trade with Rf7.

  6. 1. Nd5 Qa5 2. b4 Qa4 3 e5! and wins
    1. Nd5 exd5 2; exd5 Ne5 and ... rest should be +- due to bad placement or undevelopped black Q-side pieces.

  7. Montse,
    And that is exactly what this is all about. Even after 6 days I haven't spent one single thought on 1.Nd5!
    It isn't an illogical move now someone pointed it out to me.
    To get better at chess, we have to find the answer on the following question:
    It takes 6-10 days to reach a conclusion in a position that is tactical finite.
    How can we make the process of investigating a position more efficient, so that it can be done in the 3-20 minutes that you have at average for a move in a chessgame?

  8. The thought of 1 Nd5 came actually from the idea to harrish the black queen off the 7 th rank as it is actually not a real Knight sac. You recover the piece with tempo. It might be worthwhile once you established your seq. to pose a question like how can I remove the defender(here Q) before I embark on the sequence as the Queen seems to hold the defense. Your question gives you the answer. Remove it.
    1 e5 is the most logical move but 1 Nd5 prepares e5.
    Rf7 instead of Ne4 as Rf7, Qxh7 is forcing so taking back with N is mate? So come and give me your Queeny.