Saturday, June 30, 2007


We just submitted for the Dutch Open Championship 2007 in Dieren. That runs from july 24 to august 2. Nine games 40/120,SD/60 swiss.

Right now I'm pondering which trainingapproach would be best. I see 3 things I like to do:

According to my own arguments blindfold chess will not improve my chess. Poor visualization skills can impede my reasoning though, so that I play below my level. Since my arguments are usually wrong, I might give it a try.

Since my latest discovery of a technique to store patterns in LTM by conscious and painful effort, I'm pondering how that can help my reasoning. I don't know yet. I'm convinced it is possible, but I have no inspiration.

Endgame strategy.
Analysing my own games, I see that I have no standard endgame plans. I have done a lot at endgame technique, but I have no overview over the area. Simple plans like when I must try to trade off to an endgame with bishops of opposite color, or when must I not swap the rooks etc..
Possibly a simple list with when must I head for what can be of great help. I will give this a try.

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