Friday, July 06, 2007

Aswers to the questionaire

Takchess, tag, you're it. More information here and here.

I have a mixed feeling about this. Why should I help someone who doesn't work for himself and who even is too lazy to read my blog where he can find more answers then he ever wants to know? On the other hand, it is my experience that if somebody gets something he didn't work for, he don't know how to appreciate it and mix it up with idea's of his own until the information has become counter productive, so that's my assurance.

1) Blogger name and URL?

2) How did you learn about the Circles?
By Googling around.

3) When?
Februari 2005

4) How long have you been going through the Circles, or if you have finished, how long did it take?
I have finished the circles with 3 different problemsets: ca 1500 problems from TCT, 1300 problems from Renko's intensive course tactics and 10,000 problems from CTS. It took me about 2 years.

5) How is your progress?
I gained 50 ratingpoints due to the circles.
(and 169 points due to previous tactical training without repetition)

6) Would working with the Circles alone work well in terms of chess improvement, or does it help more to join the Knight Errant to monitor and discuss the Circles?
You can't do it without help from outside to motivate you.

7) Are you a scholastic player?

8) Would you recommend this method, the Circles, to scholastic players?
In essence, yes. But I doubt if they have the discipline.

9) Do you use other chess training methods along with the Circles? If any, could you summarize them??
You will find a list here.

10) Any general comments about chess training or the Circles you'd like to provide?
I have done the circles too much on the automatic pilot. A conscious effort to assimilate the patterns is paramount.


  1. I was tempted to say the same thing, Tempo: go look for yourself! But then I realized this could be fun if I turned it into a game of tag!

  2. While reading thru posts prove to be enough for a series of articles, or may be even publish books; but having a survey can get more insight thought and let future readers felt more "at home". The purpose is to promote more interest on self-training in order to raise the standard of play... Hopefully that can be achieved... :D

  3. On the other hand, if it helps someone that would be nice.

  4. so well said by you tempo. as always, you hit the nail right on the head and get to the real 'juice' of the matter,

    folks too lazy to read a blog, or do it themselves...

    not so much this fellow specifically (who i dont know), but as a whole, commonplace, here...

    i trust that this day finds you well and, hope to buy you a drink--one day.

    warmly, dk