Sunday, July 22, 2007

Countdown to Dieren

Two days to go to the tournament in Dieren. My only preparation is the assimilation of a lot of endgame knowledge. I repeated everything 3 times plus I wrote an essay about it. I'm plateauing for 2 years now around 1730. Let's see if knowledge without skill can make a difference.

It is important to renew my pledges:
  • I will not take the consequenses of my actions for my rating into account. No matter what.
  • I will abstain from complex middlegame play, which is the second flaw in my play anyway, in order to avoid time trouble at all costs. I will play simple chess instead.
  • I will not offer a draw.
  • I will not accept a draw offered before I have less than 15 minutes on my clock in the last period of the game.
May Caissa help me to keep my word.

Todo-list for the next two days:
Review my new system against the Caro-Kan.
Review the QID.
Learn a new system against the French.


  1. Good luck tempo, although I think that skill is much more important than knowledge in chess. Exchange like crazy and bring all your games to the endgame!

  2. Thx for the cheering.

    although I think that skill is much more important than knowledge in chess

    It is not so useful to speak in opposites. I know DLM did. But it are just two stages of the same process. The first phase, acquiring knowledge, is conscious. MUST be conscious. The second stage works subconscious. In general it is always good to play according new acquired knowledge. The feedback from the games will transform it into skill.

    There is no need to force my games into the endgame. I must just overcome my hydrophobia and stop to offer or to accept draws.

  3. Without offering draws so much, you are sure to quickly learn many more practical endgame skills...

  4. i am holding you in my best thoughts, and have the utmost of confidence in you and your efforts and deserved success.