Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Investigation continues

Polgars book has 77 chapters with 54 problems each. Each chapter treats a specific middlgame theme. I'm busy with the chapter that is called opening up the diagonal. The problem that I studied today contains the following elements in the main line:

  • knight sacrifice in order to lure the king in an ambush
  • pawnfork at the same time opening up the diagonal
  • counterattack by the opponent
  • setting up an ambush
  • discovered attack
  • trade of rooks
  • exchange sacrifice
  • trade of bishop decoying the king
  • double attack winning a rook
Endresult: 2 pawns up from which 1 is a passer.
So you sac a knight, 9 tactical motifs and 20 ply further you regain your material with interest. Every tactical motif has to be checked for all alternatives. A grandmaster can do this, otherwise he hadn't sac'd the knight in the first place. I try to imagine what is necessary for me to learn to do the same.

Problem 388

Black to move and win.


  1. The GM probably had an hour to make his move, keep in mind!

  2. I'm already happy when I can do it correctly within 3 days:)