Friday, October 05, 2007

A closer look at the center

DK asked me:

Are you sure you really read Nimzo?

I can imagine the doubt. The point is, there is a time to inventory (?) and there is a time to digest. When I'm inventorying it is important to keep the pace up. First to prevent that the work becomes a burden and secondly to keep sight of the context. If you dive too deep too early then it's easy to get sucked into the marsh of variations like a hippopotamus.

Another reason why I work fast and write so much is that it clears my head. I seal off a process with a conclusion of which I know it wil not make it to eternity. From then on I work with this conclusion, forgetting how I arrived at it. This makes room for new thoughts in my head. And based on this conclusion I work on. Usually within one or to years arriving back at that conclusion and asking myself, is it actually true? I just go where logic reasoning leads me having no preference where that might be. Logic is destructive by nature. You can only proof that something is NOT true. For a notion what is true you need intuition. So I follow the road of exclusion. Boy, did I exclude something the past years! If I did that at a slow pace, it will take me decades.

So yes, I have read all the text in the book and I can even proof that, and no I haven't digest it or played intensively through the games.

I have read enough though that my intuition is triggered which tells me that I might need one or two years to deepen this stuff out and I was just pondering about my approach:

Today I have taken a closer look at the center as described in My System. As you can expect, my systembuildersyndrome was triggered and before I knew it I was building the ultimate opening. And that is exactly the biggest problem with My System. It invites to take things absolute and to introduce dogma. If you beforehand belief that chess is a draw, you are inclined to make mediocre moves. In the middle of the balance. With mediocre moves the highest result that you can expect is a draw. While a loss isn't excluded. But it is of greatest importance to make unbalanced moves. Approaching the edge as much as possible. To be ready when your opponent has that accident or makes that mistake. Even my megalomany isn't that big that I belief that I can build the final opening.
Yet, that is:)

So I have decided to go further where I was lingering, at plan bhèta, the invasion square.
My intuition says:) that chapter 2 open files, chapter 14 overprotection and chapter 15 manoeuvering against weaknesses can be brought into relation with my idea's about the invasion square. That is what I intend to study.


  1. thank you. all read here, this corner.

    ... please accept my appology for brevity in relation to target and specific and galant effort by you now, here: but do i leave without substantial comment?

    that would be rude, but three hours cooking last night, and five hours tonight, in making a tonifying soup for my virus now thankfully winding down **, and then download all the 'weekly closing' global financial data just now, by hand to my daily sheets, for THE PLANET (stocks, currencies, commodities, interest rates), AND i am spent now...

    i need a ... drink ... (kidding).

    i dont doubt you actually read it, but rather...

    good answer, and you teach us so much, and share the most and are a human gift to us all, and keep the standard here--and now:

    great photos. maybe i should hand it over to you, as you did to BDK?


    ** food can be real medicine done properly.

    warmest, dk

  2. No harm done. I appreciate your attempt. I mean it could have been true and in my blindspot. How should I know if there's no one around who dares to tell it?

    With the handpicking of photo's a glimpse of the real character is shown. That can't be handed over.

  3. By the way, the fact that I use 14 days for 1 position might have been an indicator that I'm not always that shallow:)

  4. Tempo: exactly what I was thinking. Of all the people to tell to look more deeply into a position, it's not you.

  5. i reposted the named post Saying What is NOT being said: simple, middle, or complex and have seriously considered revising it, or NEEDING to revise it after one whole year, but it is just too much knit to change, save the two videos I just added. :)

    as i was just about to post it, waking from a very brief but very, very deep sonambulistic nap, it occured to me as i was readying to open the file to update, or literally take that almost year old file and date it to today, that it could have been nearly to the day, and it was, off by two days. there was no plan for this. your post today. the email to you. then it 'hit'.

    the only post i have ever reposted.

    what i would change but cannot, so say here, i acknowledge you for the depth you have sat with for the last year.

    BDK says it; you say it. and as i was reposting, it hit me that you had changed. not entirely, but many deep thinks for long periods of time, not moving, not jumping, but sitting. so maybe what i said was less disturbing or, as you said once, unclear to you, as perhaps prescient?

    but there is this urge to form new plans, a replan of the plan, the transvaluation of values...

    but you are getting better, and while you are clearly two steps, maybe only 1.5 steps ahead of me in chess, i can feel and see, and can do the one thing you cannot do, is be NOT you, and see from there outside you.

    we cannot see ourselves, as well known to you as i or better....

    thank you, and eSpecially great work these last four months.

    do see the new videos!

    dont ask me how it fits, or doesnt fit, i just feel it, and do it.

    warmest, dk

  6. inventory & digestion. that's a great idea. I don't know how many projects I have failed to complete by going straight for jugular from day 1. I'll keep that in mind, thanks!