Thursday, October 11, 2007

Encircling My System

I decided to torment myself no longer with the teeth breaking attack of My System. The games contain too little comments for me, so the essence remains a mystery. In stead I decided to start with part 3 of School for chess excelence of Dvoretsky (Strategical Play). Dvoretsky is very enthousiast about My System and the knowledge of Nimzowitsch is incorporated in his book almost without notice. "Strategical play" is much more accessible than My System, which has considerable pedagogical flaws. In doing so I hope to encircle My System and attack it from behind.

After studying the first game I'm very enthousiast over Dvoretsky's book!


  1. Please let us know more at some point, especially at what level is the book pitched? I've heard his books in that series are pretty high-level.

  2. its like going from Plato for Dummies or Karl Popper for Dummies, to Karl Popper Directly, or Jacques Derida Gramatology in the original french.

    i own his tactics, his strategy book alike, and to me, these are the mount everest for chess students, and save them for after i finish the Second Part of my Plan.

    i also find him to be very smart, with all types of good sense about enormous heuristics beyond chess within his books, such as--FOR ME--THE craft of what it is to do and investigate something deeply, broadly, and absent all superficiality.

    thank you so much.

    BTW, im playing daily again, and getting the live rust off hurts, such as lossing a R&PPPP vs. R&PP ending due to one bad rapid concept. ouch. groan.

    less if any time at all to post thereof, but more to discuss with passion when i do...

    love dk