Saturday, October 27, 2007

Improvising from move one

Yesterday I played against our clubchampion (rated 2142). He always plays 1.f4. Usually I answer with the Fromm gambit (1. .. e5) but yesterday I decided to follow Nimzowitsch and to play just sound logical moves. So I started with 1. ... d5. With the downside that I had to think from move one, which costed time of course. He played a premature g4, which I, again according to Nimzowitsch, immediately punished with a counterattack in the center. But the opening and the middlegame and my new approach had costed me too much time, so in the end he could proof that he was the better blitz player. Yet I was very satisfied since I actually outplayed him and had him into trouble. You can find the game here.


  1. Well played!

    Great play in the opening. It looks like you really figured it out over the board. I can't believe you fianchettoed! You really are turning into Nimzovich!

    The annotations are very helpful. It's useful to see what was going on in your head.

  2. Great video! Simply love the parrot!

    Anyway, about the game: great that you figured out how to "improvise" from move one using principles from Nimzo. I am wondering if there might be a connection to you watching videos at lately. After all, many of them feature the Bird.

  3. ive had this same position many times as white against black. topolovesque and catalanesque reversed.

    love that parrot. i got a video for you on my next post!

    please pray that my bullet torment ends soon as i finally attain my goal, but playing less games and playing better.

    349 games in last 14 of 17 days. when i normally only win 34.9% of my games, recently last ten of my last 11 games are wins. form comming back, then hopefully soon get to start my big 2/12 unit.

    warmly, dk

    warm regards, dk