Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mutual pawnstorm

Today I played the first game of the regional competition. A very sharp game which gave me little chance to ponder on strategy. Just mutual sink-throwing. You can find the game here.


  1. Wow, crazy game! It's amazing what those little pawn buggers can do. You showed steel poise and calculation skills there. I probably would have taken a bunch of moves trying to defend when his queen and pawns and knight were staring down at my King.

  2. Playing the KG has given me nerves of steel:) But I was happy when he took my knight in stead of playing g3. That knight is often sacced for just one tempo. But a very important one!

    That mate in 10 costed me 20 minutes to calculate. Especially the pawn promotion to eliminate his last refuge I was proud of. Rybka showed me how I could do it in even less moves and without the pawn promotion. But that are somewhat counter-intuitive moves.

    The main problem was that there was no "hook" in the form of an advanced pawn on his kingside.

  3. Great game Tempo! A great example of "inviting everyone to the party".

  4. Very nice game! Your opponent played too passively in the beginning and wasnt ready when you took it right to him.