Sunday, October 21, 2007

Next module

Just finished the second strategy module of PCT out of three. The new method works very fine.When I encounter a problem for the first time, I take my time to investigate the solution. Sometimes using Rybka. Then I formulate a narrative, which lays the connection to the middlegame framework I have formulated earlier.

The framework makes it much easier to remember the essence of the solution. The fact that every solution has already a narrative formulated by Tchekov Mattenovitch is very helpful too. When the problems are repeated there is much less necessity to invent the wheel time and again since I remember the essence of the problem well. After a few repetitions this starts to feel like intuition.

The next module is quite new to me, and I intend to formulate an algorithm that should put me on the right track soon when analysing a new position.

I fired up 8 new CC-games to get some practice with my new idea's.

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  1. Woohoo! Congratulations.

    I guess I'll take a look at the PCT (so-called) strategy modules eventually. :) I am very happy with the quality of PCT and their tactics modules so far.