Sunday, October 21, 2007

Test for DK

DK asked me how to embed a pgn-viewer on his blog. I'm experimenting a little for him.

Press reload game in the comment section.


  1. could you pls send me the code for that? id sure appreciate that. dk

  2. to other readers:

    'How to embed a game viewer' to your blog 'WITH the game score shown!', that is to say,

    i already figured out HOW to put LT-PGN viewer in, but not as Getting to 2000 has at his blog, with the annotations and or/game information, etc.

    what tempo shows so far is bingo. now the code, god, please, the code!

    thank you so much tempo, who, i feel, must himself recognize the value of this viewer or he'd not waste his valuable time!

    thank you so much.

  3. I used such js-viewer in the past. But you have to upload every game to your homepage. That annoyed me. I'm happy with now.

  4. This looks a lot worse, and is obviously a lot harder, than simply using the viewer from Liquid egg product's recent game against a GM is on his website using it. It is really easy. Past in pgn, and it spits out code to put in your post to display the game.

  5. They new version is more aesthetic, and doesn't make you press 'reload game' (one of the most idiotic design flaws I've seen in a piece of software).

  6. I was assuming that was an older version of a viewer from, as their older versions have that 'reload game' or whatever press. It looks liek it might be version 1.0?

    Chesspublisher 2.0 is a huge improvement. No buttons to press beforehande. Lets you include commentary on moves (1.0 did not!?). It isn't as good as's, but it can be put on a blog page whereas the viewer isn't like that yet.

    For me, it doesn't matter: ever since I used to wait 30 seconds for Pale Morning Dun's blog to load on my browser because of the Java-heavy games he had on his blog, I will only put links to games on my blog, never the full app. But now it seems things have improved since he was doing it, so you just embed it using a link rather than a huge javascript app.

    Ohh, the web is ever improving...

  7. Pale used java. Causing the java-runtime to load which takes 30+ seconds. Javascript has, despite its name, nothing to do with java. I have java even turned off.

  8. Ah, is that it. Javascripts versus Java. Javascripts rule.

  9. First, thank you temposchlucker and BDK: both of you for much kind and accurate and well guided technical assistance, the prior for his unflinching and gallant willingness to serve--often so well at just--the right time, and the latter for his wide and fair and judicous leadership on this subject. thank you gentleman.

    my own standards. yes, and no. yes, i do. no, i am not set on anything, and this is a time to explore. im not set on this, or chess publisher 2.0, or away from the also sweet chessPasteBin. thank you again BDK.

    chess or chess games only, or discussion of chess games only? yes, and no. yes, this will make us all better. no, we are doing more than chess.

    we are all exploring communities of knowledge, learning, leadership, listening, supporting, challenging, peer review, colLaboration, humor, (eroticism,) canine and feline photography if not primate behavior... friendship, web publishing, brand building on the web, coallition formation, knowledge management, contact management, project management, time management...information technology and group dynamics, small and medium.

    dante, kant, homer, Veblenisms, bottvinnik, dvoretsky rules, worlds most ugliest dog, html.

    yes chess, but much, much more.