Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Chess Tempo

Dogfight. . .

Today I signed up for the tactical trainingsite Chess Tempo. That is a site which is inspired by CTS, but with a somewhat different solution for the time constraints. They have an option standard rating, which calculates your rating based on if you find the correct solution or not. No matter how much time you use for it. Today I did a relaxing 225 problems. Much to my amazement I found my rating stablizing around 1880. That is strange. Why would my rating stop to grow when I have infinite time per problem? The answer is that after a few minutes you feel the urge to move on and make a move. Sometimes that move is wrong. I have a correctness of 79%. Weird. I never expected that.


  1. Most active in 12 hours: Temposchlucker with 212 problems solved. :)

    I wish it were possible at these sites to click something that would only give you problems in a certain rating range. I like to warm up with easy problems before a game.

  2. Are the people so lazy at that site? I did just a few problems to relax from thinking.