Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My first rated Polar Bear ever

At move 14 I played Qa4 after thinking long. That was a typical position I had no idea what to do. I was not too happy with the move. But I couldn't find a suitable plan for the position.

Yesterday I played for the first time the Polar Bear with white in a rated game against serious competition. It took me a month or two before I felt confident enough to dare this, but now the bear is loose. You can find the game here. It's obvious this style of play suits me well. I'm sold.


  1. very nice! I seldom attack on queenside, but look like it worked out pretty well. black got cramped trying to save his pieces for the 'weak' open white kingside, and soon ran out of moves. the law of probability when you had superior space. :)

    a couple of comments: you don't need to push h3 before kicking the knight from f6, as it can't do anything from g4, and then h3 kicks it with a tempo. if Ng4-h6-f5, it's just more tempi for white for the pawn storm.

    Ithink another possibility is to try exchanging knights on e5, which kicks the N on f6, opens for rook AND blocks center after d4, confining bishop on g7. then you just storm in with the kingside pawns. a powerful attack.

  2. so push e5 first boxing the bishop in, then if Ng4 h3 wins a tempo and you still get your Be3, AND the black knight will mope on h6.

  3. "That was a typical position I had no idea what to do"

    I'am curious to know wat was your idea with 14.Qa4 ? is this a "maybe" move ?

    btw nice game!

  4. Blog,
    The idea of Qa4 is simple to attack a7 twice.

    I keep track of moments where I take much time since that indicates there is something to learn.

  5. Nice game but you will only know if you are sold after your first loss with the Polar Bear :).