Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A happy 2008 to everybody!!

I play more blitz (10/0) games at FICS lately, but I encounter a few annoyances. The interface of Babaschess is as clear as coffee grounds so I have difficulty to work around those annoyances.

The first one, being offended by opponents who chat, is already solved (by setting all chat notifications off and ignoring them).
Now I want to put a few people on the noplay list. But how do I do that?
Further I don't want adjourned games. That is just silly for blitz games. Some oppenents who are about to be mated adjourn their game. If I have only 5 seconds left to execute a mate in two, that is irritating. So now I'm obliged to resign the adjourned games and put the guys on the noplay list (but I don't now houw to do that). I have noescape=1, but that doesn't effect adjournments. Can anybody help?


  1. OK, I managed to edit the noplay list. But unwanted adjournments is still a problem.

  2. I get this kind of messages:

    Your seek matches one posted by norv.

    Creating: schlucker (1358) norv (1340P) rated blitz 10 0

    Game 178: Your opponent, norv, has lost contact or quit.

    {Game 178 (schlucker vs. norv) norv lost connection; game adjourned} *

    With noescape=1 I would expect that a lost connection wouldn't lead to an adjourned game. But it happens

  3. noescape works only if both players have it set. but you can put the requirement of noescape being on to your formula. the click 'use formula' in your seek.

    you'll only see (and be visible to) seeks that comply with your formula then. it will also severely limit the number of possible opponents, which is why many people end up not forcing the noescape. (I wish noescape was the default, and the adjournment an option which both playes needed to agree to...)

    here's my current formula for example:

    (blitz || standard) && !abuser

    and you'd set that by writing:

    set formula (blitz || standard) && !abuser

    on the command line.

  4. so you'd probably want something like:

    set formula noescape && !abuser

  5. WW,
    thanks!, I edited the formula manually and now it works:

    set formula (blitz||standard) && (time=10&&inc=0) && noescape=1 (nocolor&&!abuser&&!computer&®istered) && (rated)

  6. set formula (blitz||standard) &&noescape=1&& (time=10&&inc=0) && (nocolor&&!abuser&&!computer&®istered) && (rated)

    to be precise (I forgot && in the previous version)

  7. It's true, only 10% of the people have set noescape=1. Bummer. So I guess I must continue to resign adjourned games. Weird policy to force adjournments without my permission.

  8. honestly, for people who choose to adjourn games, I just resign and simply put them on my ignore list and they are henceforth banished to what I call, the Deep Pit Of Eternal Darkness, never to surface again.

    life is too short to worry about dorks.

  9. HH,
    from now on that will be my approach too. But it can become even worse. When I disconnect beyond my own will, the game is adjourned too. Then I'm the dork. It's really a ridiculous policy. W're talking about blitz for Caissa's sake!

  10. Ah don't sweat it, take it as an opportunity to examine the position and bust their butt when they do want to resume.
    Just be sure to keep your notes nearby to serve as an instant refresher. Because usually what happens is weeks will go by before you see them again and you have completely forgotten what your objectives were in the given position.

    Wormwood's noescape formula works great too! :)
    I like formula="!provisional" as an added bonus.