Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sticking to one master

When I started out with the Kings gambit, I bought a book of GM Joe Gallagher. Since I liked his approach to the KG very much, I bought almost all his books with opening repertoires.
That has definitely a big advantage. I adapted a lot of his style in my games.

Now I have thrown out the window my complete opening repertoire, I realized it is a good idea to stick for a certain time to one master. Since I have the adopted the Polar Bear, it is logical to look at the games of GM Henrik Danielsen. Since he has more than 100 blitz games with comment available on video for free, that is easy to do. I'm now going through them for the third time. Besides that, I have found 700 games of him in my database. An e-book about the PB seems to be underway.

I have played quite some Polar Bears lately, but I never sacced the f-pawn by pushing it intensionally. Danielsen does that pretty often though. This means that I don't use a certain power whuch is immanent to the Polar Bear. By sticking to one master this knowledge reveals itself while otherwise it would remain hidden. I can especially learn much of his way of treating the pawns.

Life is calling so I expect chess and blogging to be on the backburner the coming time. No worries, I will be back.


  1. totally agreed here.

    i cannot judge your opening accessments or path,

    but i can see or understand what you say about the heuristical side of not only selecting a path

    --before we can even possibly know if it is the right one--

    but sticking to it for many reasons, but not least of which simply for the reason of it being what we choose, and seeing it through, and, willy-nilly, finding what is there in a way we could not had we short circuited its unfoldement.

    good or bad, we complete the energy of an endeavour. then, if we have learned, or employed higher learning, find what we need for our next step, if only for our current modus operendae having nothing of our next step, when we come to thirst for it.

    best of luck in your outside callings, and, knowing you as i do at least at the cyberworld~email level, can very well guess what it is.


    i am religiously and unceasingly meditating twice a day again, and a lot is happening and evolving in and around me. really, for me, it is my only choice in life now.

    i need new software for my life and brain, and to be maximally open to the highest possibility.

    i want my instrumentation ready and the valves fully open, on full open setting.

    of course, this necessarily involves much prayer, too.]

    warmest to you in the New Year. you have given us all so very, very much, some of it of great value.

    love dk

  2. DK,
    I don't feel bound to a decision, but to the logic behind the decision. If insights change due to new facts, I change my decision without problem.

  3. Wow...a seemingly obvious, but subtle way to improve one's game.

    Choosing a master that plays your preferred openings and grinding away at their games, looking for key moves...

    Huh. Maybe in 2009- I need to read all the old masters, first :P