Saturday, February 09, 2008

A tribute to DG.

DG has decided to hang his pencil in the willows.
He sounds more serious than the previous time.
He has done a good job. Filling a blog with what you can find in the blogosphere is much more difficult than to fill it with your own ramblings. Over the years the blog developed. At first it was pretty much a national thing. The moment I joined the club it became more international. And lately it has become more regional. Which is logical since we copy the physical world into the virtual, where it can be manipulated easier. After all a man is, due to physical limitations, mainly a regional being. Since the internet with a global dressing.
It was interesting to see how the tone of the comments developed over the years. Gifted with a democratical sense, he allowed everybody to use the blog as mouth-piece. While only censoring the extreme. Allthough his posts sometimes stirred up controversy, he remained unshaken, sticking to common sense. A rarity these days. During the past years he has become a friend. Sort of.

His blog has become a monument of the chessblogosphere that will remain erected for years to come, providing historians with information and a good laugh every now and then. DG, thanks for your efforts. Rest in piece, my friend.


  1. damn. i didnt know that, and not at all surprised.

    a very, very good man.

    i would be glad to see him stay.
    and glad to see him go--for his sake!


    in the end, no matter how much the best of bloggers fills his or her blog with other people's concerns, motives, successes, we need our own ego, our own satisfaction, and absent higher food for ourself from ourself, we exhaust.

    there must be some of us left for us alone, which is why i rarely talk on the telephone on my days off. i am available 39 hours per week to thousands, and i need me time.

    i dont know what DG needs or wants, but am willing to bet the more he fulfilled everyone elses needs that there was less and less of him FOR him. this sounds so much like Sartre. In itself, for itself, was it?

    never mind the mystery that is another or charting the ocean depths or the stars, the galaxies of ECO, we probably are complete mysteries to ourselves.

    :) warmest, dk

  2. you mentioned our very good friend Phaerus in a personal email. will we see him here?

    i am making a note of him in my next post, in the Prolegoma Series, in the next instance, Derek Slatter, ReAssembler...


  3. The Knights Errant all bow their heads in honor of their official historian, their early benefactor who helped us gallop in Quixotic Circles.

  4. I think we all stop blogging at some point, either permanently or temporarily. I cherish all (ok, many of) the chess bloggers, but I don't expect them to write for me. Amateur blogging should do as much (probably ore!) for the blogger as it does for the readers.

  5. thank you tempo. i just looked at Phaedrus' blog and it is most excellent. bravo. how true it is!