Monday, February 04, 2008


Maybe you think I'm not writing about chess lately.
You can't be further from the truth. I'm overhauling my complete set of ideas with the aid of Phaedrus. We exchange e-mails in dutch, so it is possible to express myself more clear.
I have no time to translate everything on the fly for my blog. And it will be more readable after things become more crystallized.

Thanks Mark Weeks for mentioning me as a blog worth reading and nominating me for the chess blog awards 2007. I'm quite honoured.
Thanks to Susan Polgar to put me on her list as number two, the most importance place to stress number one. It created a spike in visitors of this blog.


  1. nice going man!

    you deserve the best recognition and now you are getting more of it in the best way!

  2. That's great you have found someone above your level to talk chess with. It will be very interesting to see where it leads.