Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Holland 3 - Italy 0


For those who do not know: the color of our national soccer team is orange while our national mascot is a lion. (huh, lions in the Netherlands?)


  1. Are these your pants???

    I still think it is pretty funny that much of the Dutch fan gear is labeled with Bavaria - OK, it is a popular beer in the Netherlands but also a German state, and in times of the Euro cup, Dutch and German things usually don't mix well ;-)

    Enjoy the games!

  2. Sciurus,
    that was part of the fun. The Bavaria "lederhosen" were a weapon during the WC two years ago in Germany where Heineken was the official sponsor of the tournament. The fans had to take their pants off during the game (and were stupid enough to do so) because of the Bavaria ads on it, which was extensively published in the newspapers.

  3. 4-1 against france, I'm so happy! as a chess player, I'm always disappointed because the top teams ignore trivial strategic considerations like activity. sure chess is just the lab version of combat, and imperfect human 'chessmen' complicate the issues. but all of us chess freaks KNOW what happens to passive play. it's simply a strategic suicide.

    no more. netherlands plays football like chess, obeying positional principles. and it's DESTROYING other teams which don't understand these things. woohoo!