Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ou est la rue Jean Jacques?

Ok, time to make a new start.
Now where was I?

My latest conclusion was that complex motorskills are the base of good chess. The method of drilling bore great relationship with the microdrills of DLM. The main difference being the quality of the skills to train.

At the moment I'm learning to speak French via the method of Pimsleur. It is a remarkable effective method. Of course I'm continuously asking myself if there are elements in his method that I can use for my new approach to chess. I do the course every morning in my car while driving to work. The teacher says a sentence in English, what I have to translate in French (active thinking required), Then a native French speaker says the same once or twice in French, which I have to repeat (passive). The fact that I have to drive a car in the mean time seems to contribute to the effectiveness of the transfer of the knowledge from the conscious part of my brain to the unconscious part of my brain. I intend to do some experiments with chess based on this idea.

Besides that, I intend to attack the endgame. The Polar Bear has proven to be a solid base for my openings, so I don't have to worry about that the coming years. The book of Lars Bo Hansen will be my guide for the endgame.


  1. Hi! can we xlink with my chess blog which features daily chess updates and news? just let me know and i'll add you..thank you.

  2. CA,
    Sure, why not?
    I added you to my friends of the Knights section.
    BTW your site loads awfully slow.

  3. So, the new strategy is to play chess while driving!

  4. I'm doing pimsleur course as well. a mandarine course, which is quite dated. but it seems to work surprisingly well.

    I usually take the grammatic/logic approach on learning a language, but as I've done quite many that way I thought I'd try a completely different approach now. so it's pimsleur + rosetta stone this time. the rosetta cd-rom works a bit similar philosophy to pimsleur, but with pictures and clicking with mouse. it also takes the immersion further than pimsleur, with its total lack of information/explanation in your own language. learning like a small child would, and it's amazing how fast you pick up meanings and even concepts. I guess it's probably because that's how our brain is evolved to learn languages. -check it out, I'm sure you'll like it if you like pimsleur. and it gives variety, which I like.