Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Translate it out loud in chess

Most aspects of the method of Pimsleur such as spaced repetition etc. are put into practice by us while training tactics. Yet today I managed to formulate something new in his method that maybe is worthwhile to experiment with.

We are used to solve problems that are already there. But actually that is not what we want. We want to create a problem that isn't there yet. The speaker in the French course says "Miss, do you want to have lunch with me now in a restaurant?" and asks me to say it in French. Following that analogy, someone should say "create a postion with a knightfork in combination with a discovered attack over the long diagonal with a rook and a queen as targets", and I would create the position. Let me think if this can be done in a practical way.


  1. expression from 'our South' or as we say in the USA:

    "High Brain Dude". :) dk

  2. that picture looks like something my cat would do.

    Nice to see you back.


    Regarding spaced repetition, Pimsleur's recall schedule was atheoretical and instructor-generated. A better method (I think)is outlined at the above site. It is based, somewhat, on empirical findings and has the added advantage of being learner-controlled. This open source program might help with recalling tactical shots, and may be superior to de la Maza's somewhat suspect recall protocols. Alastair

  4. Alastair,
    thanks for the link, it looks quite interesting!