Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gosub. . . . . return

Enough about memorization for the the moment. I know the technique, now it's first time to define what is actually to be memorized. I'm still plugging through SOCES, and it is evident that this book will be my bane for the next few years. I first read it without going through the variations to get an idea what it is all about. Then I will start to reread it and to work out each chapter. I'm halfway with the first read.

But first I will dive in another subroutine. For a few days or a few weeks. No worries, at the end of a gosub there is always a return which will lead me back to SOCES.

From the generalisation of my treatment of the king and pawn endings, the metaphor of the crenels and the merlons emerged. This seems to be a good guiding principle for the opening and the early middlegame, in order to keep complexity below my threshold. So I have a chance to reach an endgame without being in time trouble. I already played two games according to this principle, both against strong opposition. In the first I lost a pawn due to clumsiness, interesting in itself, in the second I had my opponent, who happens to be both our club champion and to play in the team of Phaedrus, in great trouble, allthough he, as usual, managed to escape in the ending and even to convert the game into a win. I will analyze these games first to improve my narrative of crenels and merlons.


  1. The fourth game in the Anand - Kramnik match reminded me of you metaphore. especially the advance of the h and g pawns. They were advanced out of positional considerations, and not primarily to attack.

  2. Have you decided on a new opening yet?

    I'm really liking the Caro Kann.

  3. For the moment I will try the scandinavian with 3.Qb6 first.

  4. Interesting...I got bored with it in two days due to lots of draws, but you will probably have a different experience.

  5. Blue,
    not at ll. I have never played it in a single game. But I'm going to. Maybe I will be bored as soon as you.