Sunday, April 12, 2009

Everything has been said and done for now

For the third time my reasoning has lead to the same conclusions on how to improve at chess. This means that there must at least be some truth in it. Now the time has come to just execute what I have formulated. Otherwise I would just continue to talk for the sake of talking. I will shut up for now and keep radiosilence until I have reached 2000.


  1. Ah, the magical 2000 barrier. If I may offer a piece of advice, be patient and don't get totally discouraged if things don't initially go your way. When you have a specific goal in mind and devoting everything towards it, it's tempting to circle a date on the calendar and think, "OK, THIS will be the tournament where I break 2000." Ratings, being the slippery things they are, just don't work that way. Playing frequently will help overcome this all-or-nothing attitude - you also get over your losses more easily when you're playing a lot. I think you're well on your way. Best of luck!
    - Aziridine

  2. 2000... 2000... Don't we all long to have that magical number behind our names? In lieu of a true title like GM, IM, or even FM. We must all be very lucky that no players have crossed 3000 or we would all have to train our assess out to reach that as well.... :-)

    But radiosilence??? I don't hope you are teasing us. Please do keep us informed about your ongoing battles to reach your goal. We all feel inspired to keep training as well. At 1856 it may take several more years of trying and trying. But no fear, it is about the road. What to do when you finally become 2000?

    Best of luck! :-)

  3. The past months the blog has slowly changed from a feedback method for my thinking towards an impediment which hinders me to live up to my conclusions. There is no use in drawing the same conclusions over and over again. I want to train according them.

    Ofcourse, if there is any progress or regression to report I will do so. But that will on a less frequent base, logically.

  4. what is that conclusion?

    -That training in calculation is the key?
    -That further improving your positional play is the key?
    -something else?

    good luck!


  5. Dear Tempo,

    I am sure I will miss your reflections. As much as I agree with you and trust you are choosing the right direction, there is still a lot to discuss though. And I trust that any significant discovery will be shared with us.

    Good luck in your quest to 2000. I am sure it is achievable for you.