Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reduxxxxx blindfold chess.

As you can see in the ratinggraph, my tactical performance didn't drop after 2,5 years doing no tactical training at all. The spike in the graph is where I reentered Chess Tempo with a high RD. Hence the big swings.
Maybe this is somewhat misleading, since I felt very rusty, but after only one week of training I already felt much sharper. Since I do typically 3-5 problems a day, I might have recovered faster than the ratinggraph could follow.
Anyway, my summerdip is over and I started to win again.

While doing the problems it became very evident that my visualisation has dropped a lot. Those who have followed my blog for some time know that I go round and round in circles. Which only means that those elements that keep returning must be essential for chess improvement. So I started with blindfoldchess again.

A few of the ever returning subjects in my blog:
  • Visualisation
  • Piece activity
  • Dynamism vs static positional ideas
  • Backwards thinking
  • A coach is best
  • A book is the next best (I ordered Reassess 4th edition)
  • Pawn structure
  • Database with patterns
  • Learning on automatic pilot doesn't work
  • Preconditions for attack of Vukovic
  • coathangers and their racks
  • Transfer
  • Skill
  • Tempo's and geometry
  • Dual purpose moves
  • Outnumbering
  • Analysis of games
  • Chaostheory. Identifying the move where the game goes haywire
  • Narratives
  • Avoiding complexity to relieve the short term memory
  • Flexible moves
  • Steerability
Hence you know what to expect in the future :)


  1. LOL each time it gets better.

    The hermeneutic circle.

  2. Ehh.. there have been some rating-drift so the Standard Percentile Rank might be more precise. Then you have to compare your average speed now and then. I did get better and better in Standard ( up to 2200, i have less then 1600 at CTS ) but after a check in blitz-mode i recognised: i was only getting slower and slower. What i did gain in standard, i was losing in blitz- mode. Just wait with your move till you calculated the line till the end and your rating will rise and you will get time problems in your games. Richard, the boss of CT said: the biltz-rating is better correlated to the "fide estimate" then the standard-rating at CT.