Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Some numbers

3 seconds limit.
For the moment I stop with the board vision exercise of Fritz where you have to point out the pieces which are under attack. I'm now able to do it 2,5 times as fast as I used to. I can now do a single instance of the task in 3 seconds at average. I consider 3 seconds the limit of automation. Slower than 3 seconds per instance and you are thinking in stead of doing. Of course it should be possible to do it even faster, since there is still often hesitation, yet it is good enough for now.

How much work is it?
I needed about 23 hours for 17.000 repetitions. Those figures are close to my findings with Troyis. That leads to the following hypothesis:
To automate any simple task you need 22 hours of practice and do 15.000 repetitions.

Hence for 3 board vision tasks and 23 tactical tags of Chess Tempo you need 26 x 22 = 572 hours or about one year at a pace of 2 hours per day. One down, 25 to go.

Back to the salt mines!


  1. To confirm, that's 3 seconds from seeing the position to clicking all the pieces that are under attack?

    Depending on the position that's some good mouse skills, speaking as somebody who's played their fair share of combat games.

  2. I don't feel, I eat pudding. Only the proof of prof. Elo counts.