Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stuck again in the tree of analysis

The inspiration of NM Dan Heisman has brought me alot further.

A few definitions from his article bootstrapping analysis skills:

Thought Process – The entire progression of thinking that takes place from the time a player sees a position until a move is made. The two main components are analysis and evaluation.
Analysis – The process of creating a move tree; this includes identifying candidate moves for both sides at all depths of the tree.
Calculation – The ability to analyze forcing sequences, e.g. “I take, he takes, then he has to move the knight…”
Evaluation – Determining in a given position which side stands better, by how much, and why. Evaluation is usually performed at quiescent nodes of the analysis tree.
Quiescent – (“Quiet”) A position that contains no forcing moves (checks, captures, and threats) of any consequence for the player to move.

And the three types of “visions”:
Visualization – The ability to keep track of where all the pieces are (and “see” them as a position) as you move the pieces in your head, analyzing future possibilities.
Board Vision – The ability to quickly and accurately recognize where all the pieces are and assess what they are doing in the present chess position.
Tactical Vision – The ability to quickly and accurately recognize known tactical patterns and their likely consequences.

Board vision and tactical vision exercises are taken care of. Within a year we should see results from that. Time to have a closer look at visualization in accordance with the definition.

Managing a whole tree of analysis from the beginning is way too much. I'm looking to break down the tree in simple skills that can be automated with the speedmethod that works so well for the other two visions.

I never used CCT (checks, captures and threats) as a guide for my calculations. I'm going to experiment with that.

A tree is too complex to begin with, so it seems logical to start with a long branch without nodes to visualize. But how can I add speed in a sensible way to such an exercise? I'm stuck again.


  1. Visualisation and speed, humm. Its still more the calculation you want to improve? if you want to improve calculation it should be helpful to predict your opponents move. This you might exercise with Chess Hero, and it can be done with speed to. But i think thats not, what you are looking for....

    Do you see any tactic- or OTB- improvements through your exercises?

  2. There is not only a tactical vision, there is a positional, defence, strategic... visions to. There are not that many trainingtools for them.

  3. Yes, I'm going to improve my calculation. It's the only sensible thing to do.

    I have dowloaded Chess Hero and will have a look at it. Thx for the suggestion!

    I see knightmoves with less effort now, especially in an endgame with lots of knights. It hasn't won me games yet.

    Other visions than tactical vision are not relevant for calculation.