Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another chance to avoid sloppy thinking

Black to move.
2288 rated. Solution.


  1. Again - I failed. True: it is simple if you know about it.

    What do you actually write down for this one? How do you try to describe it?

    I would try with: "Is there a mate threat?"
    More general one could say C-C-T (Check-Capture-Threat).
    But that would be to minimalistic.

    Good news probably is, that we can train "Is there a mate threat?" with the CT-tag "mate threat".
    I used the opportunity to tag this puzzle with "mate threat".
    In general I would say, that threats are more difficult to see than captures or checks.
    The puzzle would become ridiculous easy if there was a white piece standing on d8.

    Greetings from the Caribbean.
    Over here it has 35°C in the shadow!
    (But of course you dont have to go into the shadow.)

  2. Wow, 35 degrees!

    The first question on my list is:
    What is this position about?
    There are 5 possible answers, of which mate is the first.