Tuesday, July 31, 2012


With the aid of mr. Z I have been able to reformulate some issues.
Let me recapitulate.

There are 3 natural areas of  tactical improvement.
  • Geometrical patterns
  • Trial&error
  • Logical reasoning
The problems I showed you I did not fail due to lack of acquired geometrical patterns.
Logical reasoning is nice, but it is not what separates the men from the boys. For otb play it is too slow to make the difference. When you not have fixed the problems with your trial&error, that is.
The area that will be effected most by training is t&e.

The papers about cognitive science I read point in the direction of t&e as a method that is most commonly used by  (grand)masters.
I noticed that my t&e often misses logic.
T&e works by means of patterns. Otherwise it could not work in an automatic way. If I say that my t&e misses logic that means that it misses logical patterns. Training should adress exactly this.

I propose the following training:
  • Use high rated problems with thickets of t&e.
  • Work out the mainline.
  • Write down the logic reasoning behind every move in the form of a narrative.
  • Time is not important.
  • Amount of problems is not important.
  • Amount of thickets is crucial. The more the better. The more failures the better.
  • Use a themed problemset
Right now I'm busy with mates>2000 rating.
What are the differences with other training I've done past year.
The focus was always on geometrical patterns or logical thinking, not on t&e. When I started with high rated problems I was already close. Yet I focussed fully on the logic reasoning and the resultposition. I was not interested in how to get there as much.

Gorillas & context.
I got distracted by the gorilla problem. It plays only a role in a minority of the cases. Since I usually am very focussed, I tend to miss what is not in focus and what is not expected by me. The remedy is simple: defocus from time to time.

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