Thursday, January 31, 2013


I was pretty succesful with the different bishop endings. Usually I could calculate everything fairly well. But a knight is a whole different animal.

I have done way more than my fair share in knight exercises. Microdrills, Troyis,  Maurice Ashley etc.. Yet I always had the feeling that my knight vision, especially in time trouble, is still way below what it should be. Today I started with KNpKN exercises and boy, do I score badly!
To get an impression:

It turns out that this endgame is a perfect knight vision exercise.
Try your hand yourself:

Black to move.
You can find the problem here.
[FEN "8/8/2N5/8/p7/1knK4/8/8 b - - 1 1"]

It can take a while before I can win those endgames. But to take an advance on it I exercised the KQKN endgame which will usually be the ensueing endgame. In the beginning I sucked, but after some time I developed the vision that is needed to bring this endgame to a good end.

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