Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ATH 1900 Fide estimated

In about 11 months my FIDE estimated rating at CT has risen from 1844 to 1900 today. Most of this has been realized the past 7 months, when I started with my new method of making diagrams and memorizing limited amounts of high rated tactical problems. As you might have noticed I made a detour for two months or so with endgames during this time.
In fact, I might be somewhat underrated even. Since I wasn't aware that the FIDE estimated which is calculated during standard tactics makes use of the time I spend on a problem. I have the habit to go to the mall or to watch the telly while the clock is ticking. I will change that habit from now on and see what it brings.


  1. Good news, Congrats! Endgame puzzles and High rated tactics are suppose to be good for "calculation"(said Kmelnitsky in his chess exam). Maybe you did improve in calculation?
    Now your slow to fast relationship is the same as mine; the distance between our both ratings are the same in CTS (very fast), CT-Blitz and Fide elo estimate (slow): ~100 Points. My real fide elo is ~1900 (estimate by ct: 2007) , so you should be at 1800 ( performance, the ratings changes slow )?

  2. My real FIDE rating is about 1860. That was established when I was in my top year, 2009. After that I haven't done any FIDE registered tournament. I haven't played blitz at CT seriously the past 3 months or so. Blitz leads to bad habits for me like gambling the move and forgetting to understand what I'm doing.

    Yes my calculation and visualization has become better thanks to the diagrams of high rated problems. The endgame positions I have done sofar didn't require all that much calculation. Yet. My OTB rating is rising too, but as I said, there are other reasons for that (no draws, no time trouble). In the past 12 games I gained 1.5 point extra. I won 3 games where I would normally had offered or accepted a draw.

  3. In 12 months it has risen from 1798 to 1900, so 100 points per year. If that only would continue for a few years :)

  4. Gee I wonder why. I thought the only way to improve is doing chesstempo tactics til nosebleed :DD haha