Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Integrate this!

In the past days I have solved a series of problems at CT with the aid of my newly defined thought process. Usually it helps me to find the solution, but more often then not it takes ages. Now I'm analysing what takes me so long, and what I should add to my thought process in order to do it faster the next time I encounter such position. Here the suggestions you guys made must be implemented. I managed to give CCT its rightful place in my TP, but even that was not enough in the position below to speed things up. Take for instance the following diagram which took me 9m51 to solve:

White to move and win
3rbk2/2q1b1pp/2p2n2/4N1B1/1P1pn3/1B4NP/4QPP1/3R2K1 w - - 1 1

It took me an awful lot of time to see the mate threat. I hoped that exercising a lot of mate in one would make the trigger more sensitive, but obviously, the salt mines had no effect on that. Hence my thought process must lead attention to h7. But how?


  1. I think you cant see h7 at the beginning.
    The knight g3 has to hop to e4,f6 and then to h7.
    You MAY think about matingpattern though.., this puzzle is about mate
    From 2008 to 2015 i had this puzzle 13 times, never failed and only 2 time i was too slow to gain points.
    With this puzzle i simply did start to calculate with 1.Nxe4
    because there is simply no other move.
    But a general analysis may find:
    1)Material is equal
    2)Puzzle is about mate
    3) Simple methods dont exist Qc4, Qe4 , Qh5 all dont work
    Bb3 is optimal placed, Rd1 cant be used, Ne5 has no good moves either, Bg5 is hanging and is an important attacker.
    With 1.Nxe4 we get a new attacker to the king, remove a protector of the most important protector of the king and save the attacker Bg5...

  2. The method to look at every piece and every move to find potentially good one is called "candidate moves".
    The screening for candidate move ( according to your goal ) deepen your understanding of the position

  3. Most problems at ct could be done faster by me with an adequate thought process. An improvement in speed by 6 - 10 times should often be possible. Only in very rare cases I feel that my bad board vision is the culprit of being slow. For this level of problems, my board vision is, albeit bad, good enough. A huge improvement in board vision wouldn't gain me much rating points, at this level at CT.

    1. if you could speed up your tactics by a factor 8 then your tactic-rating would grow something between 300 to 600 elopoints.
      Masters are better in slow processes but they are better in bullet too. patternrecognition is necessary for calculating. As better the patternrecognition / vision as better the calculation as quicker the thinking process

  4. Fixing the thought process should make me master, fixing the board vision problem should make me grandmaster ;)

    1700 rated problems usually don't require much calculation. Hence board vision is not critical yet.

  5. I think we should DIVIDE this position into a few additional smaller parts. This way we can integrate blocks to one big building. Unless we see the key (critical) positions - we are unable to make progress. It is like asking 5-years old kid about the equation, square roots and power. If he does not know the addition and multiplication - he is close to helpless (at solving too hard puzzles).

    What do you think about this? Tempo - can make an article related to building the pictures (positions) to reach one solution at difficult puzzle (like this one)?