Saturday, December 24, 2016

Opening the line of attack

It is surprising to see how fast a LoA that seems totally obstructed, can be opened. That's why you have to follow the LoA to the rim of the board.

Black to move

2k2b1r/1pp3p1/p1p3qp/4Pn2/N4Bb1/1P1r1N2/P3QPPP/R4R1K b - - 0 1



d2, g2 protect f3

1. ... Bxf3 seems a double attack on Q and M#1, but gxf3 gets rid of the attacker which can cover h1.

cue: Nd4 is the way to add to the superior force against f3 with tempo (double attack)
cue: importance of keeping an attacker for the LoA f3-h1

In general: a piece that is B.A.D. can be encircled by harassing a defender or by adding an extra piece to the attack with tempo (which means a duplo attack)


  1. At present I really like your conclusions, short analysis and comments. The idea of dividing the position into the points (elements) is excellent. What I mean is the group of components: Encircling, LoA, Function, Error, Missing.

    Even if you miss some ideas - I am absolutelly sure you are striving in the right direction. And I really like following your steps and looking at your discovering process. I am sure you will invent new elements very soon. I do not want to spoil the fun, but show what I mean. At this position the missing element is the "King cut off at the edge of the board by the Queen" motif. Just have a look at G and H files respectively.

    To illustrate how big the progress we (or you) have done is the following:
    1) One year ago: "Rd3 is not defended and we have to do something with that. We can move Nf5 to any place or move the Rook to any safe place"
    2) At present: "we a hot point at f3 square - it is Nf3. The queen is pinned, we can attack f3 in a specific way. At first let's get rid of Rd3 and change the specific of the position. After that we can attack weak point/square with Nd4".

    There is a QUALITY difference at thinking and evaluating the position. It is a big leap forward. If you are able to finish that process and do the same with calculation of variations... you can have a tactical weapon up to World Champion level! And it is obvious there would be HUGE difference with solving tactical positions while playing - quality matters and you will not miss so huge percent of the position nor waste a lot of energy to get to the final conclusions (solution).

    I keep fingers really hard on you! :) It is a real pleasure and priviledge to have an access to your chess mind journey! Thank you for that my friend!

  2. There is an element of COMPULSION generated when some material is captured. That also constrains the possible responses (making it easier and QUICKER to "see" the contours of the position and the best solution). Either an equivalent material value must be available for capture (eventually) OR a decisive attack on the King must be available; otherwise, the side capturing FIRST is just winning material.

    My thoughts followed the same path that you did in your analysis. Since we come at this from totally different experiences, I think this is confirmation that the current approach should yield good results for everybody! Tomasz is absolutely correct when he states: "There is a QUALITY difference at thinking and evaluating the position. It is a big leap forward."