Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Target placement

Sometimes, a tail piece of a pin isn't in place just yet. There are several ways to lure the target into the line of attack. Capture is one of them.

Diagram 1. White to move
2r2q2/2r2pk1/2R3p1/3pp2p/2bP1N1n/4P1P1/4BP1K/R1Q5 w - - 1 1

The c-file is the line of attack. After 1.Rxc7, the bishop on c4 is immediately pinned. The aura of the white queen extends to c8. After 1. ... Rxc7, the tail piece of the pin is in place. I promote the "coat hook" target placement to the branch of the geometry motif.

Tree of motifs vs. 0.2

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  1. Exchanges are one of the ways in which we can forcibly move the OPPONENT'S piece(s) where we would like for them to be. Again, this concept allows for multi-piece "chunks" to be "seen" and utilized, rather than individual moves. One of my hypotheses is that when sufficient vision is acquired of the available motifs and tactical themes, the overall conception of proper play in a specific position begins to shift from tactics to strategy.