Saturday, April 29, 2017

Building the tree of scenario's

On December 3rd, 2016, I abandoned the salt mines and all other unproductive idea's for chess improvement, and started to build a logical framework where I can put my knowledge on. I finally found the tree of scenario's as a potential framework. I even heard myself say in the previous post something like "there is a limited amount of scenario's and a limited amount of questions that need to be asked to interrogate the position".

Since December 3rd, I have analyzed about 40 positions extensively. A lot of little gems were unearthed. Now it is time to go back to these 40 positions, in order to derive a decent tree of scenario's from it. Only with such coherent framework of chess knowledge, I can hope to begin some serious tactical training.

The first step will be to erect a complete tree with all crude observations hanged in it provisionally. The second step will be to optimize all observations, so that the tree will act as a handy summary of adequate and relevant knowledge. The third step will be to distill a training method from it.

I'm working on the first step right now.


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