Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Am I brilliant or what?

In a previous post I declared that no presents are given in this work.
You have to learn every single pattern and if you forget it, you are not able to use it in the future.
No bonus due to accumulated efforts whatsoever.
I'm pretty sure this is the main reason why most people plateau on a certain moment. The day you stop with the intake of new patterns is the day you stop developing.
That's why you all of a sudden hear nothing more of a once so talented player.
Did you ever notice how often that happens?

But in a capricious fashion you are given a kind of present in this work.
When you have learned a pattern but you forget that you learned it, it is as if you get it out of the blue. Gee, am I brilliant or what, I think from time to time when solving a problem a tempo.
If I look at the history of the problem, I see that I allready 7 times failed to solve it. But I can't remember that.

So for now my conclusion about the antithesis of memorization versus pattern recognition is that it is the same, only with memorization you remember that you learned it.


  1. I think that the patterns you learn are supposed to alert your brain that it may be POSSIBLE to do something tactical but because the positions can be so variable you still have to calculate it out to be sure. In other words the patterns pick the candidate moves for you to evaluate.

  2. Ditto with siliconpawn. Patterns are the manifestation of memory. Calculation is the decision whether or not the pattern is relevant. The more patterns learnt, the better the calculation quality in the end. The more experience with positions where those patterns come to mind, the faster the calculation.

  3. Let me clarify the issue of pattern recognition vs. memorization. With shortcoming of memorization I wanted to say that it is of no use if you memorize a position by non-significant (but easy to recall) patterns, and you recall the solution by this non-significant pattern instead of the real thing. I often encountered this kind of memorization back in my MDLM circles, when I came to a puzzle the 6th or 7th time and I just knew that a queen sac will win, without actually see the pattern that allows the queen sac.

  4. Silicon,
    I think that's a correct way of saying it. Allthough a part of the validation is allready in the pattern.

    I totally agree with you. I wanted to bring this point up in another post, to prevent that this post would become obscured. I called this phenomenon somewhere "memodrosis". This has to do with memories that are triggered by unuseful or impractical stimuli. On the other hand, as J'adoube pointed out, even in these cases you have the recognize some pattern on the board to know that it's time for the queen sac.