Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Handing over the scepter

Untill at least the summer I will be busy with other things, so I think it's a good moment to hand over the scepter to a fellow Knight. I think that it is best to choose a non graduate, since the graduated Knights tend to talk about quite different things than the circles or the program.
I have asked Blue Devil and he is willing to give it a shot if everybody agrees. So what do you guys think?


  1. I appreciate the recommendation, and I would gladly take over as listmaster if nobody else feels the calling.

    P.S. I win the over/under bet from the previous post's comments. Hee hee.

  2. Tempo,

    Works for me. BDK is a great choice.

    BTW, my new URL is

  3. Sorry for the bet, J'adoube, Blue Devil offered more:)

  4. Heh,

    That's ok. I kinda figured you couldn't stay away.

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  6. Not sure if I still qualify as a real Knight, but I support BDK in this quest as well. Great choice!

  7. BDK is a good choice. I'll check his sidebar soon.

  8. It's a little saddening to see that Tempo is stepping down but I'm sure his decisions for doing so are well-grounded.

    I've been following the list every so often. I noticed that my link has been removed from the sidebar. My blog has been inactive for awhile as I myself have been taking care of external things myself. But, I'll be back very shortly with more resolve than before.

    See you around!

  9. blue was whom i predicted you would choose BEFORE anyone even thought of mentioning it. he is smart, he cares, he writes well, he is active, he knows all of us, and makes an ideal candidate. he can work in groups as well as act independently. he has integrity as i know him.

    the question is not should blue be the one, but, if it were not he, then who else possibly could?

    miss you a lot, but understand.

    in change, we all evolve, and doubtless this all cannot help but improve, just as if you came back again and took the septer, it would again.


    warmly, dk

  10. and as was foretold, it was I who predicted that DKtransform would predict that you would choose BDK to succeed your reign long before you ever even knew you would pass the septor over to him! as it shall be!

  11. Ten years ago I predicted chessdog would say that.

  12. Yay for BDK!