Thursday, May 26, 2005

Ratingprogress of The Knights Errant

Last update: februari, 2009
This table contains the ratingprogress of The Knights Errant.
I intend to update it regularly. You can always reach it via the link in my sidebar.

It's difficult to compare the ratings:
  • Some modified the plan.
  • Some are training tactics much longer.
  • Some have no official rating.
  • Some have a rating from a different source.
  • Some are not finished with the program.
  • Some have to play more to get their new rating.
  • Some ratings are not published yet.
  • Some abandonned the program.
  • Some startratings were unknown so a later (higher) rating is taken or it is estimated.
You have to look at the individual blogs of The Knights to get a clue of how to interpret the figures. But overall you can get an idea of how intensive tactical training in DLM-style works out.

Knight Start
Ratingsource Rating diff.
Michael de la Maza 1421 2041 USCF 620
Dread Pirate Josh11591712FICS553
Blue Devil Knight9461400ICC454
Celtic Death13191648USCF329
Chris Kilgore16511832USCF181
Pale Morning Dun13441520ICC176
King of the Spill15501719POGO169
Don Queue 1573 1717 USCF 144
Sancho Pawnza 1520 1575 USCF 55
Mousetrapper 1627 1667 SCF (Swiss) 40
Rocky Rook16501677FICS27


  1. The table is helpful and lets us know how things are progressing, at a glance. Thanks.

  2. Thanks a lot Tempo. I just posted my games and ratings record in my sidebar to make things easier for all who may be interested.

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  4. It is regretable that I havent played at FICS at the start of the program. Now we wont know how I progressed.

    But that may be so - can we move my rating 1659 to the start column?

    I'm at circle 5 - so we can at least know if there is a difference between now, and at the end of circles 6 and 7.


  5. I began to play chess 1,5 years ago (after 5-years break) and for a year my rating was grown from 1400 to 1800(FICS, RomaLavrn). So I got my 400 points before simply reading books and playing games. Then I started MDLM program. During 5 monthes my rating was floating around 1800+-30 without any progress. I was playing a few games, mostly 45 45 teamchess. Then after finish of program my rating was grown to 1856 for 20 days. I play many games now and took Tempo's openings for black (Scandinavian). So my progress is 56. I dont believe I'll get my 400 points (that is to be 2200!!), but I hope to be near 2000 in a 400 days.

    Meanwhile, for White I'm "annoying" d4 player, who plays 2.Nf3 on 1.d4 Nf6 It is to make black to play d5 to go into ussual QG, or if KID player will be highly patterned, into strong attack after 0-0-0 without c4. On e6 - Bg5 waiting for d5 again or planing attack. But thanks Tempo for his blog about black's openings!

  6. PC, youre welcome.
    I changed your name in Pomaranch Knight.

  7. Cool. Can you change my rating to the beginning instead of the end? I didn't do the program yet. Thanks.


  8. My rating at the start was USCF 1537, it is now 1566. But I have only played in two tournaments since starting the exercises. Most of those games were as the house player, so I usually had to play players rated lower than myself, so there weren't any gains in rating points for winning those games. The true test will come this fall when I return to tournament chess full swing.
    My record in those games is 4 Wins, 1 Loss, and 1 Draw.

    My ICC Standard rating is 1900+ if that is any help?

  9. P.S. Randy (Don)'s rating is now 1717 USCF "unofficial". Which means it will more than likely become official in a few days with the next ratings supplement publication.

  10. You can put me at 1550 from I don't have a real FIDE or USCF rating. I got to 1700 there.

  11. I haven't been back since my recent crash either... maybe I can get in some games and see if I still can play 1700!

  12. TS,



    The Prodigy Knight. Coooool.


    1900+ ICC?! Holy crap man. You are going to soooo kill them when you get back into tournaments. I think they are going to be PO'ed that a 1500 is stealing their rating points. =)


  13. Tempo,

    Since you dubbed JavaMan several days before me, I'm happy to defer.

  14. TS,

    Sorry, one last thing. Can we use my ICC rating instead? I find it is more accurate. It's 1257 at the moment. Sorry for all the trouble. Thanks.


  15. Rating update. 1415 At playchess.
    Jim Takchess.
    I like the chart

  16. Temo can you advise on a reliable source to obtain a rating. I am playing proper competitive games for a club in Ireland but we play every two weeks. Is there an internet site that gives reliable ELO ratings ? i.e. not yahoo ?

    I believe my starting rating to be around 1000 as assessed by Chess Master.

    The Exchanged Knight

  17. Found the table in my random clicking through hte errant blogs. Nice perspective. I am almost complete wiht my training I have less than 300 more problems ( 4 more iterations of level 90 and beyond problems). Its taken me two years but when I started I was at 1357 and am now at 1616. Not sure if you update this list at all.

  18. Great idea Tempo!

    The last time I was really playing lots of chess, the best rating I achieved is 1650 in FICS. I'm using that as my baseline.

    I'm on the 2nd circle of a modified plan. Currently my rating is 1656 with an RD of about 109.

    Keep this info up-to-date and it will be very useful.

  19. Don't any of you find it odd that NO ONE ELSE seems to have duplicated Mr. de la Maza's results? I find this VERY suspicious--WHAT DID MDLM HAVE THAT NONE OF YOU SEEM TO HAVE???????

    And btw--I began the "Seven circles" program last May and found that following it exactly as MDLM wanted me to is impossible: MANY OF THE LAST 100-200 PROBLEMS SIMPLY CANNOT BE COMPLETELY SOLVED IN TEN MINUTES. I still would like to complete the program some day, but I'm going to have to do some extensive initial analysis on some of the combinations. Does anyone else agree with me on this, or is my mind just too slow?

  20. btw--the previous post is mine (I just signed up for this blog account now.) If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at, or (preferred, at least for the next 2-3 months.)

    Also, does anyone know where I can get the complete games of MDLM? I am VERY interested in what openings he played--that is, what sort of repertoire comes out of the "One Move A Game" method.

    Look forward to hearing from y'all!

  21. andrew richie said...


    The answer is simply "time." MDLM was not working at the time of his rise in rating and simply worked full time on chess. I think if any of us worked full time on anything, we'd get really good at it.


  22. I partially used the method and just reached 2000. It is true that I did not complete his method, and I also started at a much higher level. Did it help me in the end, or not? I will post about this soon on the BCC Weblog, since people seem interested in this -- Jason

  23. 950 to 1400, rating change of 450. The worse you are, the more the circles will help I bet. Unless you are a beginner, then I'd recommend reading Woff's Idiot's Guide to Chess first then some tactics.

  24. What did MDLM have that others don't? Yes, he had a lot more time for chess. But it's also possible he has a lot more natural talent. (There is such thing as talent, you know!) I personally know two guys who reached Master within 3 years of taking up chess, and they never touched a tactics book. Talent is a huge factor in how your rating ultimately goes. But it's easier to train than it is to obtain good genes.

    A Random Nickname

  25. Random Nickname,
    That is the big question. What the Knights are doing is an interesting experiment to find an answer on this question. Did MDLM something different and forgot he to tell us? For the moment I still am inclined to think that the right training will lead to equal results. But for now there is no evidence for that. So maybe it will be in the genes after all. But I will not admit that before I have tried all logical options.

  26. A new peak if you are still tallying:

    USCF 1738